I am Health

My choice of word for the letter H might come across as unusual as my other words so far like Authenticity, Curiosity, Detachment, Forgiveness… have been more personality qualities or traits. I might have gone with Harmony or Hope, both of which are also important for me. But at this point in my life, Health stands out like a sore thumb.

So why Health?

As far back as I can remember, I was a robust child and young adult. My mother would always say with pride to her friends how I was no trouble at all, to the extent that she never had to take me to the doctor’s. Apart from a tonsillitis operation, I breezed through my youth without any health scare or major complaints. I understand today that my mother’s repeated declarations were actually an expression of gratitude.

Youngsters, full of energy and vitality, feel invincible and sometimes overlook the fact that one has to take care of one’s health as it is not guaranteed to last. Though, try telling them that and it will fall on deaf ears.

I only woke up to that realisation myself in the last twenty years when my health issues surfaced and I think on the whole, I have faced my challenges full on and remained strong in spirit, in spite of them. I am also fully aware and grateful that my physical difficulties, though stressful, have never been as debilitating or crippling as for some others.

But I sometimes wonder where that robust young girl disappeared, and on reflection even though I thought I had been very resilient in later years, a certain negative thought pattern had crept in slowly and insidiously. The ‘poor me’ mentality. Why is one thing after another happening to me?

I think I work hard to stay on top of my health issues, having kind of taken the reins in my own hands. Chronic pain does not seem to be a priority for general medicine practitioners and sometimes the sufferers are left to their own devices. There are many modalities out there which help with healing and I have heard and read about many miraculous self-healing stories. So why cannot I do it?

Lately I have been feeling stuck and not having much success, in spite of knowing that I have to address my negative thought patterns which create depressing feelings because “Your body hears everything your mind says.” Naomi Judd. So “To change your body, you must first change your mind.”

Healing with the mind has been around for thousand of years. It is written in the Bible:

“A merry thought is medicine, ill thoughts dry the bones”.

Making this shift from ill thinking (Oh dear! What now?) to my new mantra I am Health, is what I have been focusing on for a while but with not very significant results. Then as synchronicity would have it, just yesterday I listened to an interview with Brandy Gillmore PhD, an expert in mind-body healing which not only reminded me of the science behind the mind-body connection but also reinforced the need to create a radical shift in my feelings and reprogramming my mind at a deeper, subconscious level.

Our thoughts do really create our lives more than we realize and thoughts create feelings. I am aware that I have a tendency to bury my emotions. So it’s been a while that I have been working on identifying specific emotions, like anger, hurt, rejection, resentment… and either tapping on them or meditating with supportive soundtracks to let them go. The complexity arises when there are more than one emotion and one has to work harder.

Gillmore also emphasised the greater importance of accessing positive emotions like feeling loved and being connected which she demonstrated with a visualization exercise that helps you feel lifted. I am familiar with such practices and her pointing out that it is even more important to raise our energy’s vibrational frequency is a reminder for me to do it more often. She also suggested to use music to help you feel good which I also find helpful. As Gopal Gaur Das says:

“Wrong happens. You have to make the right happen.”

What’s more, I was reminded that you have to reinforce the new programme over and over again till it becomes the new norm. Thus my journey in self-healing continues and it just struck me that this path is linked very closely to my endeavours in being more Authentic, Curious, Detached, Grateful, Forgiving, Joyful… because I believe all those attributes can promote wellbeing and Health.


39 thoughts on “I am Health

  1. So good. Dr Caroline Leaf says it takes 63 days to create a new habit or rewire a neural pathway in her book Cleaning up Your Mental Mess. And Susan David takes about unhooking from unhelpful thought patterns around emotions in her book Emotional Agility. I can highly recommend both books as very good reads. As the saying goes Rome wasn’t built in a day and some of our unhealthy patterns in life have been built over years so when we try to change them we need to be gentle with ourselves and give ourselves the time to work on them and celebrate our progress no matter how fast or slow it may happen

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    1. Thanks so much for the recommendation. I absolutely agree, it takes time for us to work on ourselves and better ourselves. It can even take years but that’s okay as long as we are moving in the right direction.

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  2. I have found that there may also be lessons involved in dealing with ill health. Our thoughts can be so deeply embedded that it’s difficult to dismantle them, and we have forgotten the thoughts we had years ago, which are now emerging as ill-health. Even when we try to think ourselves into health, we are not always successful.
    When I think back to all the therapies I had, a few were significantly successful: rebirthing, Network Spinal Analysis and life between Lives sessions. They got right to the core of things. But I learned that some health issues serve a purpose, and it is only when that purpose is fulfilled, that the health issue is released. We chose it for a reason; which can be frustrating. But in some ways, it also gives us the time and space to explore what the purpose is. It can take years to resolve.
    I had an interesting insight into possible reasons for illness through the death of my boss. He had cancer even though he had been a spiritual man and had done so many healing therapies. He was in a hostel for the dying and I was in Chichester, having a coffee by the sea, when his ex-wife’s voice spoke in my mind (She died a few years of MS and I had given her Reiki many times. I am also a medium). She told me that my boss had chosen to leave this life through cancer because it was the only way he felt it possible to leave his mother. Hearing this was a surprise, but it also made sense. He had had a very enmeshed relationship with his mother and she was wheelchair bound which made him feel totally stuck with her. He chose cancer as his way of leaving.
    This gave me a new insight into ill health that I had never considered before. But it told me that we never really know the reason for it, but that sometimes we can heal it if we change our minds and our emotions. Equally, sometimes we are learning something through it, even if we don’t understand what that it , until later.

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    1. Wow, that’s an interesting story. I agree, sometimes illnesses or health problems help us learn a lesson. It also gives us a better insight into our lives.


  3. You have a very clear awareness and philosophy which will no doubt serve you well! We can never take good health for granted, and must continue to work at it, both proactively and reactively.

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  4. true, no fun in getting older and older and seeing our abilities declining : ( but everyone must go through this reality and accept this same life process : (  so attitude is everything. can only try to feel blessed that we have better education, medicals and healthier lifestyles now. more importantly, take each day as it comes. everyday is a good day if we make it so!

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  5. Absolutely, Health is wealth. We’re always so engrossed with work, family, hobbies and much more, until our health comes crashing down.
    Our minds do affect our body as we feel like what we think. That being said, I wish you the best on your self-healing journey ❤️

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  6. I totally agree! I myself went through the exact issues. Doctors just diagnose and prescribe medicines. But it is my mindset helping me overcome it gradually. Especially self love! Happy healing!

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  7. Currently suffering from “mental mess” and missing my usual health activities. It’s not that I CAN’T do them. It’s that the circumstances changed and I’m reluctant. I know my yoga and walking are best for me. I miss hanging them on an old routine, and then one I made for myself, and now I missed a whole month, or perhaps two, of practice.
    I’m dealing with breast cancer once again after 11 years free of it. Trying different approaches but feel that I am failing miserably.
    Thank you for encouraging words to think on!

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  8. Hi. I can really relate to this post. It could have been written by me, though probably not as eloquently as you put it. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed the Naomi Judd quote as well as the Bible one. I’m going to use them both in my planner.

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