“I AM” is the most powerful command statement there is. For what you put after it, you become. It frees you to be who you desire to become because it is the power of God being spoken into you.
It can be used to either empower you or limit you. So be careful of what you attach to the end of the statement as it will manifest into reality. If you keep saying to yourself “I am weak”, you will likely behave accordingly. Whereas if you change the statement to “I AM strong” the reality will start matching the words. When you go through the day saying : “I am blessed” ….blessings pursue you. 

That is the premise for my book “the A-Z of Just Being” and my own personal journey. I have chosen a state of being beginning with each letter of the alphabet which resonated with me personally; a quality that I wanted to enhance in myself.

For example:

A for Authenticity. I AM Authentic. There could be so many other qualities you could choose: Awareness; Abundance; Acceptance…..What would you choose for the letter A?

C   I AM Curious.  There is Confidence; Courage; Calm; Compassion; Cheerful……

D  I AM Detached. How about Daring? Determined? Dependable?….

Let the power of I AM shape your life in the most magical way and please share how you practice these.


36 thoughts on “I AM

  1. Great post. Steven Furtick talks about this in his book (Un)Qualified. He asks the reader what is your third word. Because God’s name is I AM when we add a third word that is not inline with how God sees us we take His name in vain. Rather thought provoking when I first read it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts I’m going to start my on list of alphabetical third words

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