Why blogging? Why now?

Having been a language teacher most of my life, it will come as no surprise that words have always been a passion for me. I love reading and have the habit of noting down any striking sentence or paragraph that resonates with me. Usually the quotes are about life and relationships. So could I perhaps come up with cleverly phrased thoughts and reflections which might perhaps inspire someone else? Or just plain words that describe an experience that some reader may relate to and empathise with? So writing could create connections, a sharing of ideas which may also at times be different perspectives and thus all the more thought-provoking.

Then the act of writing is said to be cathartic, healing. Not only that but it can help make sense of events and shed new light. In looking back, it can reflect and mark growth and moving on. Or just clarify what is going on in one’s head and putting pen to paper (or should I say key to monitor)  kind of makes the impression permanent.

Then again my reflections are my take on what I have gleaned from my own life situations as well as snippets from stories or other media. Having read, for many years, not only literary and popular fiction works but also a good number of self-development books, lately I find myself actively examining events and reviewing either what I learnt from them or how I could have responded differently or how I put or could have put some age old principles into practice. Plus I am fascinated when other people relate their life stories and experiences and I have drawn from them (with their permission where necessary)

           Life can only be understood backwards          But it must be lived forwards

Moving forwards, there is this emerging desire to live life even more fully. To finally do the things that got pushed to the back burner. But there is a more profound side to life than just doing. Over time I have also been mulling over the concept of ‘just being’ as opposed to ‘doing’ Perhaps I have more time now to implement the theory but honestly speaking, it is never too early to start. So watch this space for my serialized version of the A-Z of Just Being whereby I take a letter of the alphabet to contemplate and imbibe a quality that I would like to possess or strengthen in myself, for example, being Compassionate and share with you what that actually means and entails to me.

Thus, my blog is about how I am learning to practise what I have read about living a full life, and how I am finding my own answers to so many questions and how even more questions are surfacing. Maybe, just maybe, you might find an answer or two in my sharing my on-going journey with you and if more questions come up for you or if you can share a different idea, all the better. So follow me and leave a comment either way.

43 thoughts on “Why blogging? Why now?

  1. Your insight is good food for thought. Knowing that you there are others who have gone through similar phases in life is always helpful , specially in dealing with certain emotions.
    Would like to read some insight on the Empty Nest experience if you are planning to share any thoughts.

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  2. ⭐️Read the three articles.
    Characters well defined.
    Expressing real life-feeling.
    Illustrations very appropriate.
    Great use of language.
    Seems an Asian personality.
    Like you said, deep insight.
    Love to read more.
    Creative blog, a lot of success.⭐️

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  3. very inspiring blog – helping me know myself, reconcile myself with others and the environment around me. THANK YOU!


  4. “… writing is said to be cathartic, healing.” I find this to be true for me. Glad to connect…will certainly read some more. I am actually teaching an ESOL class virtually ‘as we speak’. We are on break for a few minutes – ‘calmed’ my spirit by reading your post.😀


  5. I could do with a course in how to live your life to reach fulfillment. I think contentment is better than happiness. Happiness is a fleeting emotion while contentment is a condition that is longer lasting.

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  6. Just loved this piece and I totally resonate with the act of writing as healing, It would not be wrong to say that this has what kept me going with writing!
    Such an inspiring blog of yours, I just loved it. Hope to grow and learn on the reflections of life together❤

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  7. Thanks for giving me a like on my article. I really glad you found my blog. Your article is so interesting, and so well written. (I feeling illiterate when i see what I wrote, but I’m not fluent in English ;)).

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  8. You seem like a very wise, and peaceful person, like a therapist you come across as… and I don’t really think I’ve ever taken the time to read and take in your posts, and what you are saying in them, so I will try to do this. But also I have noticed your loyalty in liking my posts and I have absolutely no idea why.
    Ashley who was on wordpress, she was my only really loyal friend on here, and she liked all my posts even if they were temporary and then deleted. She loved reading also.
    She was so loyal, and I never knew why. Because I didn’t feel I was with her so much… you know?

    But when she left, I didn’t think anyone would be interested in what I have to say. I mean it’s just me.

    I’m not a good writer, and I don’t have anything wonderful to give, not like others do like yourself.

    It means a lot that I see your like. Just that I guess someone has acknowledged me…

    So um… I just wanted to thank you. 💞💞💞

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    1. Thank you so much. I remember Ashley and I was sad to hear that she is no longer with us. Mental health is a complicated issue and unfortunately not everyone can beat their demons.
      I really appreciate your comments. I don’t have too many blogs I follow but the ones I do it’s because I enjoy them and read them daily. I know you may feel like you’re not as good or have nothing to offer but the truth is that we all have something to offer.

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  9. WOW! I’m a language teacher too, and I also have the habit of noting down! Do all language teachers have this habit!? May I ask you which languages you teach and if you’re taking part in the Bloganuary challenge 2023?

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    1. Interesting to learn that you note down too. Can’t say if all language teachers do though. What do you teach?
      I teach English and French.
      No, I’m not currently participating in Bloganuary. What about you?


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